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Bold. Courageous. Conservative. America First.


The border needs to be shut down YESTERDAY.  We must put an immediate stop to the human/child trafficking, the raping of innocent women and children, and the flow of fentanyl etc from China through our southern border via the Mexican cartels.  

School Choice

I plan to expand school choice whenever and however I can.  The parents should be the ones in complete control of their childs education, not the government or teacher unions.


We must lower taxes wherever we can to allow the people's hard-earned money to stay in their pockets, not the governments. I want to lower energy costs for all Arizonans by expanding nuclear energy.


I will eliminate all potential problems with our illegally run, maladministered elections by getting rid of the machines and going back to one day, one vote.

Building a Better Arizona with Barnett

I promise to be a true voice of the People in Arizona's legislative district 2.  I look forward to showing the people of LD 2 what it is like to have someone truly represent them, not lobbyists or the Establishment.  We win together!

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