Election  Issues 2020

Congressional District 7


that need immediate attention

I. Reasonable and just immigration reform that provides a path to citizenship for undocumented residents is our top priority. We need to restore law, order, and peace in our communities, therefore sensible compromise and cooperation from all sides are needed.

II. Attract more business to Arizona's Congressional District 6. We need to create more job opportunities by keeping our state laws and regulations favorable for aspiring entrepreneurs, employers, and employees in Arizona.


III.  Working together with the small business administration, the homeowners' associations, the school system, and the community centers we want to create programs that aspire ownership and economic prosperity in CD 6.

IV. Continue to increase the home values in our congressional district. The value of a home reflects the quality of life, the prosperity, and the economic stability of its owner. The value of a home in our district usually reflects the undesirable condition of the home  or the lack of amenities, good schools,  location, and economic conditions, including interest rate environment