Sir Winston Churchill said, "Capitalism is the worst economic system ever invented, except for all the others." Individual wealth acquisition encourages people to work for themselves to improve their lives, and in turn to help others improve their own."  In the United States of America, we inspire and celebrate the success of those who become prosperous because of their exceptional skills, ingenuity, perseverance, and honorable service to society. This is where the American dream becomes a reality.

Lower taxes and deregulation fuel our booming economy but we must cut spending to balance our budget.  Smaller government is how we cut spending.  Cutting the overgrown bureaucracy and unnecessary government programs is how we begin to work towards a Constitutional Budget.  For example, cuts to discretionary programs and entitlements other than health care and Social Security.  These cuts would be valued at around $499 billion in 2017 (Budget of the U.S. Government, Fiscal Year 2018, Analytical Perspectives, Washington: Government Printing Office, 2017), but the plan assumes that they would be phased in slowly at 1/10th each year over the next decade.  Additional Federal cuts should be done to trim the "fat.  I believe that if activities cut are useful to society, then state governments or private groups should fund them, and those programs would be more efficient at doing so at the state level.  

The federal government has doubled in size since the 1980s and subsidizes farming, health care, school lunches, rural utilities, the energy industry, rental housing, aviation, passenger rail, public broadcasting, job training, foreign aid, urban transit, and many other activities.

Each subsidy causes damage to our economy through the, normally, increased and required taxation. Each subsidy generates an oversized bureaucracy, creates more lobby groups, and encourages even more people to demand government hand-outs (Obama). Individuals, businesses, and nonprofit groups that become hooked on federal assistance inherently become puppets of big government. They lose their independence, have less incentive to innovate, and will typically avoid criticizing the government and its failures.

Privatization triggers economic growth. It allows entrepreneurs in competitive markets to reduce costs, improve service quality, and increase innovation by fighting for your business. Privatization also benefits the environment by reducing activities that waste resources.

Despite the global success of privatization, reforms have largely bypassed our own federal government. There are many activities that have been privatized abroad that remain in government hands in this country. This needs to change. 

The increasing Communist rhetoric among the Democrats to take your money, "redistribute" your wealth to everyone, regardless if they have participated in or contributed to the accumulation of that wealth. They want everybody to have the same low standard of living. Wealth division among all, that is not based on personal merit, the distribution of equal resources regardless of personal contribution is inherently morally wrong and always leads to rebellion, overthrowing of the government or to the concentration of power to the top and the suppression of the masses. Communism is not a stable social model and inevitably and predictably always leads to totalitarianism.  This has been repeatedly proven throughout history in Russia, Cuba, and most recently, in Venezuela.

Government oversight and government over-regulation as it is the case in a socialistic government always lead to bloated bureaucracy and government corruption.  Absolute power leads to absolute corruption. 

It is really simple, the more power you give to the government, the less power you keep for yourself.

Work hard, keep what is yours, invest wisely, grow your business, employ more people, provide a great service,  achieve success and reinvest back in your community. We know that successful people become the purposeful benefactors that raise the standards, create jobs, inspire, motivate, drive progress and serve humanity.


Anytime one achieves above the median in society, a philanthropist automatically awakes inside, together with a philanthropic method or a system to redistribute one’s service to the world and contribute to the world spontaneously. 



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The current "Republican" congressman of District 6, David Schweikert, is focused to ensure the RINO establishment remains in control.  He clearly showed his lack of support for President Trump with his vote, along with the other Arizona Democrat Congressmen, to certify Arizona's electoral votes for Biden without a full, forensic audit. He has not been outspoken on border reform to stop undocumented, illegal immigrants from pouring into our country or fighting for the truth in the 2020 election where there were major irregularities throughout Arizona and our Republic.  

Again, I intend to change that by serving the People of Congressional District 6 to ensure their vote counts by getting rid of all Dominion Voting Systems (and other similar systems), protecting our border and always putting America First.  I will choose American sovereignty over globalism any day of the week.  People are looking for an opportunity to make an honest, decent living and I plan on educating them on their constitutional rights to show them the representatives work for the People and not the other way around. The People of CD6 want their place of business to be in their community and untouched by government overreach as we have seen all too often since March 2020.  This is exactly what I intend to do.


I have ideas, solutions, enthusiasm, and the know-how to help everybody turn their American dream into reality. Nobody strives for dependency if they can thrive independently.

We don't need a Welfare dependent society. What we need are business incentives and opportunities along with big government, regulations erased from our lives.

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How do we attain the economic prosperity that we all seek?  


Capitalism works hand in hand with human nature. It allows people to serve themselves as they serve others, and it creates a much more productive society that reaps what it sows.  Capitalism rewards merit, and it encourages people to make the best use of their talents. Putting Americans first has led to job creation and improved wages.  I will work relentlessly to continue this trend.  


Lower taxes and deregulation has led to more money in your pockets, which has allowed companies to grow and new ones to form.  I believe that people should decide what to do with their money and not be told what to do with it by anyone.


I believe in lower taxes, continued deregulation, and, in particular, expanded opportunities for Hispanics and Blacks to enter the small business market. Dr. Ben Carson’s “Opportunity Zones” offers a huge opportunity to increase low-income neighborhood prosperity by keeping the money in their district.  I will be working directly with the Arizona Commerce Authority to help anyone wanting to take advantage of this new program.   As a small business owner, I know how to build a business from scratch and what it takes to be successful.

I look forward to helping many others attain the American Dream.


The sooner the better!!! 

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It is true that this country was built by immigrants. People come to the United States to have a better life, seek economic opportunities, seek happiness, enjoy our freedom, knowing that their human rights and freedoms are protected by a democratic judicial system. That is why it is so important that we secure our borders. We can not continue allowing random and unvetted people to cross our border as it is economically unsustainable and a danger to our society.    

The only people who really benefit from open borders are cartels, criminals, and sex traffickers. We want borders not because we hate people outside but because we care about those inside.  The Stay In Mexico policy needs to reimplemented immediately and the Obama/Biden Catch And Release policy needs to be permanently revoked. 


So, how do we keep families together? It is simply not human to separate a working father from his family, it is not right to force children to take care of their families, and it is not right for children to be forced to abandon their education.  Therefore, it is a top priority that we design and approve a merit-based immigration reform for illegal immigrants who respect the law who want to become residents of the United States. We have partnered with one of the best immigration defense lawyers in the country and we are confident that this situation can be remedied quite quickly if our lawmakers allow it, rather than working to avoid it.  Before we address the people here illegally we must first control our border.  Without our sovereignty, we do not have a country. 


Finally, the legal route to reach the United States must be drastically simplified and streamlined so that people do not take so long to become permanent residents. With these measures implemented, along with the increase in technology and other border needs, we will see a dramatic improvement in state salaries, crime and the safety of citizens, immigrants, and their families.  We have approximately 25-30,000,000 illegal immigrants from all over the world currently in the United States.  I want these people to be documented (so we know who is here) and protected under U.S. law.  I want them to have a pathway to residency and allow them to assimilate into our country.  

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Along with the efforts of President Trump, Josh will lead the way in prison reform.

We spend billions of dollars every year to criminalize nonviolent drug offenders.  The United States accounts for only 5% of the world’s population, but we account for 25% of the world’s prisoners.  The Drug Policy Alliance estimates that 1.5 million people every year are arrested on nonviolent drug charges.  Assuming an average cost of $31,000 per prisoner, the United States could save $9.3 billion every year by releasing these nonviolent drug offenders. This savings also doesn’t include the price of arresting these individuals.


Private prisons profiting off these ridiculously long term sentences for nonviolent drug offenders has to end. This not only ruins their lives but also destroys the family structure they leave behind by having an absent father, mother, brother, or sister along with an income loss.  These prison sentences make it very difficult to assimilate back into society and even harder to gain employment (President Trump’s First Step Act has helped address this issue).  Remember, decriminalization does not mean condoning the behavior.  I do not support recreational drug use, but I am smart enough to see what we have been doing does not work, and we need better solutions. Throwing people in prison is not the answer.

Non-violent and drug-related offenders deserve a second chance and not face the harsh convictions they have had to historically face for their crimes. Education, rehabilitation, and addressing mental health is the right way to attack this issue.


If we as Americans believe that our prison system is one of reformation, then the men and women who have served their time should be allowed to assimilate back into society as the reformed individuals they are. We should provide the proper pathway for people to overcome the bad choices they have made in the past. It is up to us as a unified people to help give them a chance at a promising future. 

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1st & 2nd AMENDMENT

The 1st Amendment is more important now than ever before.  The political correctness is fashioned by the model of nazi propaganda where everyone who dares speak against the state power automatically become an enemy of the state and is prosecuted should never be allowed in the United States. The violent attacks by Antifa and other related groups on college campuses attempting to not let conservatives speak are just one example.  The social media platforms selecting for you what you can see or hear is socialist propaganda taken directly from Hitler's propaganda machine. Your right to speak freely is being taken away. This must stop now!


I will fight for EVERYONE to believe what they want to believe regardless of whether or not I agree with them.  This is what America is all about! This is what sets us apart from the rest of the world.  


We must never surrender our Freedom of Speech in any way, shape, or form.

Our Second Amendment is under attack! I am the man that will stand up to unconstitutional assaults from the Socialists on the Left.  

Our right to bear arms and participate in free speech is not something to be trifled with. The right to bear arms is an absolute necessity for our country to remain free from all oppression and to protect its sovereignty.

Red Flag laws that are being tossed around are unconstitutional and a giant waste of time because they will not fix anything.  All they do is provide a slippery slope that can never be reversed.  We cannot legislate someone from being crazy!  We need to properly follow the laws currently on the books.  We need to address mental health and also take a look at the break down in family values and culture. 

The Godlessness of our nation is very concerning.  The lack of Christian values (whether you go to Church or not) and the morality of our nation seems to be lost but we can bring it back to save the country we all love! The 2020 election is truly Good vs Evil. 


Every American has the right to protect themselves, their families, their properties, and their homes. We know from history what happens when socialist governments abuse and use military power against their helpless citizens. Cuba, Russia, USSR, all the communist countries of Eastern Europe, Argentina, Brazil Argentina, Venezuela, China, and the most striking one, North Korea succumbed to economic and political turmoil because their citizens lost their freedom of speech and the right to bear arms. As Democrats become increasingly radical, their desire to silence and control their political opponents grows. The only protection we have against their radical ideas is are our First and Second Amendments. Fascist societies in the past and today have controlled speech and the right to protect oneself, stripping its people of the most basic human rights. 


We should never be subjected to those abuses. Josh Barnett will defend these inalienable Constitutional rights against the left without compromise.

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Abortion is often a tricky subject, but it should not be.


Roe v Wade is an outdated law.  It was written and passed without the technology we have today that clearly shows us the stages of a baby in the womb.  We now know the heartbeat begins as early as 6 weeks.  There is access to birth control (91-99% effective), IUD (99% effective), condoms (up to 98% effective), and even an over-the-counter "abortion pill" (which is 96-98% effective).  Based on the effectiveness of the various forms of birth control it clearly shows me that abortion is being used as a form of birth control that needs to be stopped immediately. Roe v Wade needs to be struck down and replaced.  Josh proposes a 6-week Heartbeat Bill.  Anything past the 6-week mark would be deemed illegal and any doctor found providing services past the designated timeframe would face the consequences.  Although Josh believes life starts at conception, as a politician, he has to take all sides into consideration by finding a median to actually get a bill passed.  This designated "timeframe" of 6 weeks is what can be passed by Republicans and Democrats in a bipartisan fashion.    


Josh supports the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act created by Representative Ann Wagner in partnership with Representative Steve Scalise. This act ensures that a child born from a botched abortion with a heartbeat cannot be killed.  The Democrat-led Congress has refused to vote on this for the 81st time as of September 10, 2019. The fact Nancy Pelosi will not even put this up to vote shows you where the Democrats clearly stand on this issue.  It is flat out wrong and highly disturbing to think that they feel it is ok to kill a baby born in God's image.  


There is no excuse for abortion out of convenience. Also, Josh believes that the decision to abort a pregnancy is not only between a woman and her doctor, but it is between the mother AND the father of the child. Just because the mother carries the child to term, it does not mean the child belongs to her entirely. A father, not wanting a child, and the mother giving birth to the child against the father's objections does not give him an excuse for a financial abortion the next 18 years of the said child's life. He is responsible for his decision to have sexual intercourse knowing the potential outcome of pregnancy. The same goes for the mother.  She should not terminate the pregnancy against the father's wishes if he is willing to accept the sole financial and parental responsibilities.  Along with these initiatives, Josh Barnett will work tirelessly to bring about change to our damaged welfare system, especially for children by streamlining the bureaucracy of adoption and lowering the costs of adoptive services.


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The green deal proposed by Alexandria- Ocasio- Cortez"s Green is a utopia and is what  I call living in an unrealistic perfect world. We will not stop flying or driving cars, and we will not kill cows because of flatulence. There are better, more practical and efficient solutions for reducing the planetary Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Everything we have tried in this country to reduce emission gasses works. The now carpool, all vehicles undergo emission testing, no industry burns coal, petrol or natural gas anymore. But it is not enough.


We should do everything we can to pursue alternative clean energy with an emphasis on Carbon Trapping Technology and Nuclear, Solar, Wind, and Hydroelectric Energy.  There are Carbon Trapping Technologies such as a hempcrete (absorbs CO2 as it settles and hardens), post/pre-combustion cleanings, and the oxyfuel method. City water standards need to be revisited and updated.  Environmental regulations and control need to be enforced. Additional filtration is required to rid our water of hormones (estrogens), other medications.  Up to 85 human-made chemicals that slip through our current systems end into our water supply. We have the technology to clean fracking water to make it food grade drinkable.  We must harness all of these technologies to continuously improve our air and water without destroying our economy by cutting off all oil/natural gas energy sources without anything to replace it.  The Democrats, such as my opponent Ruben Gallego, support these ridiculous policies that would crash our economy and put 6 million people out of work from the oil and natural gas sectors. 


The solution? WE need to invest in green technologies and strive to slowly move towards cleaner alternatives without abruptly cutting off coal, oil, and natural gas that would be devastating to not only our economy but to the world economy.  


Unleashing American ingenuity and innovation is must be #1 National initiative and Global ambition. 

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Obamacare must be repealed and replaced.  When deductibles reached fantastic numbers like $7,000.0, 8,000.00 or higher before the insurance even kicked in, this "affordable" healthcare system became unaffordable for almost everybody, except few Elites and celebrities. I personally know people who couldn't and still can not afford their diabetes medications, let alone see a doctor. This monopolized socialistic, single-payer system has been extremely detrimental to the health care of many Americans forced to skip treatment, pursue risky procedures in other countries and have done nothing to encourage preventive health care.

The only proven way to increase the quality of service is to increase competition. That is just common sense. Creating more competition always lowers prices and increases quality.  Allowing insurance companies to “battle” one another will bring the best product to the consumers.  


I support the business model of Direct Primary Care, which cuts out the middle man, and allows for wholesale drug prices on the top 500 drugs used. This program also allows unlimited visits for a very reasonable monthly cost.  They negotiate within their nationwide network for any serious conditions.  For example, they can find doctors and specialists to treat cancer, broken bones, or ACL tears.   All pre-existing conditions must be covered.  I would love to see more comprehensive health coverage models like Atlas.MD on the market.



A combination of Direct Primary Care and Health Savings Accounts can save Americans money and get them the help they need. 

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The legality of marijuana isn't stopping anyone from trying it. The health risks of smoking marijuana are less than cigarettes, and the benefits of the medical uses of cannabis are well documented by now.   If I had to choose the less of the two evils, I would much rather have people using marijuana than any other legal or illegal opioid. 

Cannabis is often referred to in the traditional botany text as the magic plant for its many healing properties. Outside for its medicinal properties hemp is highly nutritious and accessible protein source and the plant's stalks are used by companies such as 9Fiber from Colorado to produce rope and twine, textiles for clothing, paper products, fuel, bioplastics, fiberglass, concrete (hempcrete), and particleboard.  Many revenues stream forth of the cultivation and proper use of cannabis.   

 California has brought in about $650 Million in tax revenue off of marijuana, and Colorado took in about $260 Million in 2018. We can use the examples provided by those states; we can learn from them and create a better legislature for Arizona. 

The Cannabis industry can generate a lot of money for our state. Legalizing marijuana will also reduce the financial burden of  $32,000 cost of imprisonment per non-violent offender per year to our taxpayers. No child should lose a  parent for a non-violent, marijuana possession charge.  The loss of income of one parent could push a family into economic despair.

I still support DUI related arrests due to smoking and driving because this cannot happen much like drinking and driving. There is still personal responsibility and accountability with its use. 

This is about you, your right,s your liberty, and your pursuit of happiness. Stop hoping, stop trusting, stop expecting "someone" or "they" to do right by you. History has taught you that they care only about themselves, and conventional wisdom teaches you that if you want something done right, you must do it yourself. Get your power back, get involved!